Water Fitness Classes for Spring 2022

Midco® Aquatic Center offers a variety of water exercise classes. Classes are held in the Sanford Health 50 Meter and Warm Water Pools. Join us for fun and exercise!

$8 Drop-In Rates for Fitness Classes: Try us out!

For only $8, drop in to any of our water fitness classes at Midco Aquatic Center without having to commit to the entire series!
This option allows for more flexibility and an opportunity for you to see which classes fit your schedule and fitness needs best!
Our BOGA Fit and Hydrorider classes have limited availability. Call us at 605-367-POOL before you drop in to confirm availability. Payment accepted in-person at the front desk. Check our class calendar

Summer Outdoor Classes

Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation is hosting a variety of water fitness classes this summer at the outdoor pools! Browse available classes and register View all water fitness classes


Ages 18+. This recreational group exercise class emphasizes flexibility, muscle strength, cardiovascular, balance and coordination activities. We also work to reduce arthritis joint pain and stiffness, accommodating participants of different abilities by regulating progression from low to moderate intensity. Resistance equipment is used to help build strength and endurance. Class will be held in the warm water pool. Registration is required

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This warm water fitness class is sure to keep you on your toes! We will engage your entire body using the water and equipment for resistance. This is YOUR workout, so it can be light—high intensity depending on what you are looking for. The instructor is here to push you and guide you, but know that YOU are ultimately in control of your moves. We will use noodles, fans, gloves, and other equipment to keep the class fun and engaging while utilizing the warm water pool. Registration required.

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This deep-water fitness class is meant to be highintensity! Don’t let the deep water be a fear; everyone will be wearing a flotation belt during class. This is a fun and challenging class that is full of cardio, muscular, and respiratory endurance. You may use flippers, kickboards, gloves, noodles, and other equipment during class. You are sure to sweat, but you don’t need to get your hair wet! Registration required.

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Float your fitness with this fun water workout that will challenge core muscles and balance. This mat floats on top of the water and allows you to get a full body workout on an unstable surface. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time to allow time to get on and acclimated to your board. Active wear over your swimwear recommended. Classes will take place in the Sanford Health 50 Meter Pool. Be ready to get wet! Registration required.

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Spin your wheels in the water! We’re talking about cycling on a water bike. This music driven cardio ride will be sure to challenge you as we incorporate upper body strength training for a total body workout. Water shoes or socks recommended. Registration required.

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