Water Fitness

Midco® Aquatic Center offers a variety of water exercise classes. Classes are held in the 50 Meter and Warm Water Pools. Join us for fun and exercise!

The Hyrdrorider® is a user-friendly water bike, and is perfect for any participant or skill level. Training gin water also allows training at a greater level of intensity due to the cooling effect, and recovery at a faster rate. Work at your own pace and try a new cycling experience in the water. Water shore are required, please bring your own. This class will take place in the 50 Meter Pool. Registration required. There will be no class on April 29 and May 13.


Jan 10 – Feb 9 T/TH 6 – 7 P.M. $45 for session Register
Feb 14 – Mar 16 T/TH 6 – 7 P.M. $45 for session Register
Mar 25 – May 20 Sat 7:30 – 8:30 A.M. $45 for session Register

This 60-minute Warm Water Pool class is formatted to soothe and calm chronic muscular pain. Class members are guided through a fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Aqua Chi, and Barre inspired movements that are designed to provide relief for muscle pain as well as improve flexibility. Registration required.

Feb 21 – Mar 23 T/TH 9 – 10 A.M. $45 for session Register

This is a low-intensity class that will focus on continuous movement. We will start the class with a warm-up, move on to low impact cardio, strengthening and conclude with stretching. This class will take place in the Warm Water Pool. Registration required.

Feb 21 – Mar 23 T/TH 12 noon – 12:45 p.m. $45 Register

This 60-minute high-intensity 50 Meter Pool class utilizes shallow and deep ends of the pool to create a space for boot camp/gym class. A combination of high-intensity cardo exercise and resistance training techniques are purposefully designed to rival a military workout for the mind and body. Each class will be a different mix-up of moves to keep your muscular and cardiovascular systems challenged. A power-packed hour to get your day off to a great start! Registration is required.

Feb 21 – Mar 23 T/TH 6-7 p.m.  $45 for session Register

This unique class is designed for lunch hour workouts. This is a high-intensity aerobic workout that will utilize the entire 50 Meter Pool. The 45 minutes of instruction will vary with the purpose of keeping you on your toes and focused on the 45 minutes of cardio burn! Registration required.

Mar 27 – Apr 17 M/W/F 12 Noon – 12:45 P.M. $45 for session Register
Do you enjoy going for a run? Let us challenge you a step further and take this fitness class into the deep water of our 50 Meter Pool! This challenging class incorporates high-intensity, no-impact strength and cardiovascular movements that provide one of the best forums of exercise. Also great on the bones and joints! Participants must be comfortable in deep water. Registration required
Mar 28 – Apr 27 T/TH 6:15 – 7:15 P.M. $45 for session Register

Beat joint pain by taking your walking routine to the pool! Walking in the warm water has less impact on your joints and is easier than walking on land. This is an independent workout allowing the participant the freedom to workout at their own pace in the Warm Water, Recreation or 50 Meter Pools. No registration is required. Participants will need to have an active swim pass or pay daily admission rates.

There may be other activities happening at the same time as water walking. Water Walking is available during all hours of operation.

The lap lanes provide those individuals wishing to keep fit by swimming continuous laps. Add number of laps to = mile, etc. No registration is required. Participants will need to have an active swim pass or pay daily admission rates.

On the following dates and times the 50 Meter Pool will not be available for open swim due to a swim meet event.

April 28 Closed 3 – 8 P.M.
April 29, 30 Closed All Day
May 12 Closed 3 – 8 P.M.
May 13, 14 Closed All Day